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Tuesday, August 30, 2005
  .net webservice session
Maybe it is obvious but I've seen the question on a forum;
Q:"How to make the session collection work for a .net webservice like for asp.net? "

A:"Just put the following before the web method:"
[ WebMethod(Description="Desc",EnableSession=true)]

thats all folks!

hope this helps.

comments are welcome

Ok I've posted this a few time ago. And it still works. But, the session collection is not a real session objectin this case. It is instanciate just before the web method call, but I never seen when it is uninstanciate. For instance the "end_session" event never fire!
Also, I experiment troubles while debuging an object stored in this collection for a web method.
So, use this the least you can and do not expect this to be a good equivalent to the session collection in classical ASP .Net.
Monday, August 29, 2005
  Winform, Web Services & credential
Just a tip today.

Last week I built a web service based application which needs a windows authentication.
The schema was:
A winform client
A group of IIS web services.
An oracle database (as alway on this blog lol)

How could the winform client say to the web services. "Hey i'm a member of this windows network, my login is Jdoe, trust me"

Ok, first I asked my favourite web administrator to configure my IIS application to not allow anonymous users. Exactly like for a classical ASPX application.

Then I changed my web.config file, puting the line :
<authentication mode="Windows" />

Ok IIS was then fine to authenticate users.
but my Winform webservice client wasn't ready yet.

In order to be "windowsly" authenticate a webservice client need to send credentials to the server.
The .net framework provide a secure and elegant way to to that:

using System;
using System.Net;

MyService.MyWebMethod ws = new MyService.MyWebMethod();
ws.Credentials = CredentialCache.DefaultCredentials;

and it works !
I was then able to retrieve informations about my connected users. For instance
the login :

strlogin = user.identity.name

that's all folks!
hope this helps!
Comments are welcome!
Friday, August 19, 2005
  back to work
Hello everybody

I'm back to work! I didn't post these last three weeks because I was
here and also there ,I also went to this place .
You are a developer and work with Oracle and Microsoft technologies? Have a look!
How to:
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Get data in Excel from Oracle 1
Get data in Excel from Oracle 2
Draw the Mandelbrot set using C#
Use the "Grouping Sets" SQl Syntax
Use the "Rollup" SQl Syntax
Use the "Rank over" SQl Syntax

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.net webservice session
Winform, Web Services & credential
back to work
just a link
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